How to participate in the Pre-sale

The pre-sale will begin in a few hours so we created a simple guide to participate in the minting of the GangstaBet NFTs. The pre-sale will start from 10th Oct 2021 at 14:00 UTC on the GangstaBet website. The pre-sale is set to last for 14 days.

We hope you have already prepared yourself before the launch date. All the 5,555 NFTs, including the reserved ones, will be available for minting. If you have reserved yours earlier in the month, you will see it after you connect your wallet.

If you are part of the whitelist, you will see your reserved NFTs in the pre-sale window

Participants who buy their NFTs during the pre-sale can claim 3060 $GBET whereas those who buy after the pre-sale can claim only 2460 $GBET. The tokens will allow increasing the stats up to 30%. The detailed breakdown is as follows:

Pre-sale token distribution: 2100 (30% increase) + 360 (name change) + 432 (name change) + 168 (bonus) = 3060 $GBET tokens

Normal initial token distribution: 2100 (30% increase) + 360 (name change) = 2460 $GBET tokens

Minting GangstaBet NFTs

On 10th Oct 2021 at 14:00 UTC, the pre-sale will begin and users can start minting NFTs directly from the website.

NFTs can be minted from the pre-sale section

Please note that you can mint a maximum of 20 NFTs in one transaction and you will need enough ICX to cover the cost. If your wallet doesn’t have enough ICX or if all NFTs are already minted, your transaction will fail and be reverted.

After you complete your transaction from your wallet (ICONEx or Ledger), it will be sent to the blockchain for confirmation.

It takes few seconds for the transaction to be completed

Once we receive a confirmation from the blockchain, the minting of your GangstaBet NFT(s) will start. It takes around 90 seconds for the process to be completed. In some cases, the minting process might take more time if there are a lot of transactions at once. Please be patient and wait for the process to complete. You will see your NFT in your wallet within a maximum of 10 minutes.

After the transaction is complete, it takes around 90 secs to mint your NFTs
Congratulations on your mint!

Congratulations on the minting of your GangstaBet NFTs! We are honored that you minted one of the most unique NFTs in the world. The NFTs can have a unique names & can be upgraded by using $GBET tokens. We built this project as a collaboration between the creators and the community. We are excited to see the evolution of GangstaBet in the future and how the community takes it forward.

Viewing your GangstaBet NFTs

All your GangstaBet NFTs will be listed on your wallet page. As mentioned earlier, if you don’t see your NFTs in your wallet after minting, please give it some time and it will appear shortly. If it doesn’t appear in 30 minutes, please send us a message in our Telegram group.

Wallet page with the minted NFT along with accumulated $GBET
Your GangstaBet’s profile
Let the minting begin!

About GangstaBet

GangstaBet is a digital collectible where people can evolve their characters for an eventual permanence on the blockchain. Every character has a unique appearance, name and varying properties like classes & skills. GangstaBet takes a unique approach to distribute GangstaBetToken ($GBET) to its holders on a daily basis. The token can be used to change the name and skills of the GangstaBets. The supply of $GBET will decrease periodically and it will stop after 9 years.

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