Preparing for Pre-sale

As GangstaBet is nearing its launch, we prepared a list of resources for our community members before the pre-sale. GangstaBet pre-sale will be live on 25th September 2021 at 15:00 UTC. All the 5,555 NFTs, including the reserved ones, will be available for purchase. The sale will be fair, transparent & randomly assigned.

Participants who buy their NFTs during the pre-sale can claim 3060 $GBET whereas those who buy after the pre-sale can claim only 2460 $GBET. The tokens will allow increasing the stats up to 30%. The detailed breakdown is as follows:

Pre-sale token distribution: 2100 (30% increase) + 360 (name change) + 432 (name change) + 168 (bonus) = 3060 $GBET tokens

Normal initial token distribution: 2100 (30% increase) + 360 (name change) = 2460 $GBET tokens

Install ICON Wallet & Buy ICX:

It is important to set up an ICON Wallet & have ICX ready before the pre-sale. The wallet helps to interact with the website and to buy the GangstaBet NFTs.

  1. Download and install a wallet:
    Several wallets support ICX. The most common is the chrome browser plugin called ICONex or a hardware ledger. ICONex allows you to connect the ICON wallet to our website and interact with it. Here are details on how to install and use ICONex. If you have never used a wallet before, please note that there are risks in using a crypto wallet. Please read these articles (I, II) to secure yourself.
  2. Buy ICX:
    After creating a wallet, you will need some ICX. ICX is the cryptocurrency native to the ICON blockchain, and GangstaBet NFTs can be bought using ICX only. There are several ways to acquire ICX. The easiest way is to buy them from one of the following exchanges: Kraken, Binance,, OKEx,, etc. Here are some articles (I, II) to guide you to buy your first ICX.
  3. Transfer ICX to wallet:
    After buying yourself ICX from an exchange, you will need to transfer them to your ICONex wallet. Here is a guide to receive funds in your ICONex wallet.
  4. You are all set!
    Having ICX in your browser wallet is the final step to prepare yourself for the pre-sale. During pre-sale, you will need to connect your wallet to the website and buy from the pre-sale section.
Connect your wallet from the top right button
Select your wallet
Enter the quantity & click on “Buy”
After a successful transaction, your GangstaBets will appear in your wallet

Please note that each GangstaBet NFT will cost 80 ICX so you will need at least that amount to be able to purchase. The sale will begin on 25th September 2021 at 15:00 UTC. For more details please check If you have more questions, please join our discord or telegram channel.

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